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There's nothing like cracking open a brand new yearbook and getting a whiff of that adhesive and ink. Each section holds a treasure chest full of memories frozen in time. We quickly skim over some pages while others are studied and admired. Sometimes we skip the photos and quotes altogether and go straight to the signatures.

I've always had a personal tradition of waiting until I get home to read what my friends say in the annual. It gives me something to look forward to, plus I can sit back and soak everything in without distractions. I'm busy signing everyone else's at school, so waiting a few extra hours isn't that difficult.

After arriving home from MCHS, I say hi to Mom and rush upstairs to my room. With a couple of fluffy pillows behind my back in bed, I'm ready to see what my peers have to say. It's especially fun to see what the cute girls write because a guy never knows what sparks may be swirling around in the universe. "Alrighty, let's get started," I say out loud to myself as I crack open the book and begin to read.


Well, I don't know you very well, but you seem to be an O.K. guy. You are a lot of laughs. The double dates we have went on haven't been the worst. Hope you have a lotta luck with everything.


"Wait, what? An 'O.K. guy.' You don't know me well? What does that even mean? We went on double dates together. I'm thrilled they weren't the 'worst' experiences of your life. Gosh! I hate it when people write, 'I don't know you well, but...' That drives me nuts. Well, I'm happy to know I've left a mediocre impression on your life. Maybe one day in the future we can get together for some extra fun mediocre times, really paint the town."


Hey, I didn't get to know you as well as I would have liked to, but I really think you're great. It was really fun being with you on the Spanish trip to Rivergate. You're just a WILD & CRAZY GUY. Hope I see ya this summer.




Don't be a stranger.


"Hmm, I'm getting some significant mixed signals with this one. She doesn't know me well, but she thinks I'm great. I think she wants to hang out with me this summer. I mean, obviously, she wants to hang out because she wrote her phone number. Should I call her now? No. No. No. That looks desperate. I'll wait a few days and maybe ask her if she wants to party? I mean, I have no idea of how to party, but I am absolutely willing to learn. She did ask me not to be a stranger after all.


Well, if it weren't for you, all of us girls in chemistry would fail! You're a great guy! Stay out of trouble & have a great summer.

Love ya,


"Okay, 'Love ya,' is the exact opposite of 'Love you,' it means I'm in the friend zone in this situation. That's okay because she probably won't even like me at all after the grades come back from that last chemistry test. Everyone thinks I'm smart because all of my buddies are intelligent. I keep trying to tell them, but they don't listen."


You are a funny and crazy person. You have a way of making people laugh. I think you have a career in comedy. 4th English


" Funny and crazy are good. That's not a bad legacy to leave behind. At least she didn't call me the stinky kid or something like that. I do remember making her snort more than once in class, so she's probably being sincere. I've never thought about a comedy career, but I'm leaving my options open. Should I give Jacinda a call? She did give me her number."


I'm glad that I got to share Gov. School of the Arts with you. Since then, you have become a special friend. Maybe we don't talk all the time, but you're still special. I will never forget you. Go after your dream. You are a wonderful actor and friend and guy and good-looking! Have a great last year.

Your friend,

love Melanie

P.S. Keep God in your life too!"

"Good looking? Wow, I didn't see that one coming. Crap! I should have told her she's beautiful or hot or something like that. Damn! Why didn't I read what Melanie wrote at school so I would have known how to respond? It may be time to forget my tradition. She didn't leave her number, though, and she called me friend, so I should let that one go. Wait, she called me a 'special friend,' so this could be a definite maybe sort of situation. "


You have been a fun person to be around. Putting up with your stupid jokes was pretty hard to do. Hope you get everything out of life you want.


"Alright, so maybe a comedy career isn't in my future. Was I fun to be around, or were my jokes stupid? Why does life have to be this difficult to figure out? Was he being sarcastic, and he thinks I'm funny, or was he being serious? That settles it; I'm going to have to unleash some next-level jokes at school tomorrow. Bobby won't know what hit him."


Well, let's see, I have known you for 12 yrs. Now. And maybe, hopefully, I'll get to know you one more year. You have been a great friend & I appreciate that. I hope you have a GREAT summer!

Kim 89"

"I hope I have a great summer too, Kim. What did she mean by 'Hopefully, I'll get to know you one more year?' Does she know something I don't? I'm going to have to teach Kim the power of positive thinking. She has been a good friend my entire time in school. I have a couple of Kims in my life since the beginning, and I'm grateful for them both."


What's going on? This has been a killer year.

Your pal,

Wade -The Kid"

"Wade, for one reason or another, loves to sign my annual with 'the kid.' He's done it every year I've known him. I'm pretty sure he has some infatuation with Billy The Kid. It would make more sense if his name were William or Billy, but it's Wade, and it just doesn't flow. I accept Wade, though, and love him just the same. Some days I greet him with a little finger gun and make the 'pow pow' sound. I'm not sure he gets what I'm referring to, but maybe he will one day."


'Billy Bob Jo Dean,' That's what you said your name was HA HA. 2nd period has really been a trip with you. You think of more off-the-wall stuff than anyone I know. Killer, stay sweet & make something of yourself. You really have potential but just party every now & then.



"Twila knows me. I guess I should party more often. I'd probably be a little more popular if I did. I think she believed me at first when I lied about my name. At least until roll call, but we got a good laugh out of it. It's sweet she believes I have potential. I need more positive reinforcement like that in my life. I hope we keep in touch. Hmm, she said, 'Love Twila,' Okay, I need to stop doing that."


I still don't think you're sane, but you're a great guy anyway. Work on the jokes and good luck. See ya on t.v.


"Alright, this is starting to give me a complex. James is like the fifteenth person to tell me I need to work on my jokes. What the hell is wrong with these people! Oh, maybe it isn't them. He's always told me that I should be an anchorman or weatherman or something like that. I would consider that career, but I have a difficult time keeping a straight face. I could imagine bursting out in laughter for no reason during the forecast or a serious news story."


Even though your stupid jokes caused my parent's divorce and my grandfather's ulcer, and me getting kicked out of the house into the cold, harsh world at the age of 15, we're still friends.


"I give up on the jokes."


It has been of utmost pleasure working with you in the play. Stay cool, and life shall treat you well. God Bless!


"Rob, 'Stay cool?' For real? When have I ever been cool? I wonder if Jac