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I Watched You Walk Alone

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

I watched you walk alone at the park

You never saw me, but I felt the spark

You strolled by listening to Billy Joel

I went unnoticed as I leaned on the flag pole

The sunlight bounced from your creamy skin

Wind danced through your hair again and again

That smile pierced my fragile empty heart

Less perfect lips fill museums with art

Your neck was sculpted by the hand of God

Unlike my own that I would surely call odd

My pulse quickened as the breeze touched your chest

Forcing your blouse to outline your perfect breasts

I caught a glance of your tiny tight tummy

The passing Greyhound stole the view right from me

I could stare at your legs for hours and hours

I bet they glisten when you step from the shower

I’ve never seen a more perfect body for sure

The curves, the motion, the attraction, the allure

I lost control the second you appeared

My instinct will take control as I’d feared

I watched you walk alone at the park

I’ll come to your house when the day goes dark

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